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Once upon a time there was an Aussie dad called Peter who loved the goodness of fresh milk. Every day he would encourage his four children to drink milk. What he didn’t like were the flavoured milk powders and drinks that masked the goodness of milk because they were full of artificial colourings, preservatives and too much sugar.

So Peter, who was really good at making things, decided to invent the Sipahh® straw.

Now children all over the world, including Peter’s grandchildren, can enjoy the goodness of milk as part of a balanced diet – with less sugar and no artificial colours or preservatives.

Garuda Food is a $500 Million, 25 year old food and beverage company. It is a part of the Tudung Group which deals in Agribusiness, Food and beverage manufacturing and distribution. It has 11 production plants, 18 beverage contract manufacturers, 6 food contract manufacturers in Indonesia and over 20,000 employees.

Garuda Food has a strong portfolio in food and beverage, offering an extensive and innovative range of snacks, confectioneries, biscuits, liquid milk drinks, fruit flavored drinks and juices that are widely distributed across many countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, Australia and Pacific Ocean nations.

The first Chamong Group Garden was established in Assam in 1916. The family Owned, professionally managed Chamong Group is now into it’s 6th generation and owns 4 estates in Assam and seventeen in Darjeeling.

Some of Company’s Darjeeling estates are heritage gardens, more than 100 years old. 

Collectively the group is the largest producer of organic Darjeeling and Assam Teas, both in terms of quantity and quality.