Other Services

Thanks to our advanced network and connections with the some of the best food producers and manufacturers across India today we have the opportunity to export some of the best products and meet the quality demands of the international market in a timely manner.

300 varieties of tea, including herbals and teas with European Organic certifications.

Raw and processed coffee in bulk quantities and a range of varieties.

6 varieties of rice including organic and brown rice.

All organic varieties of Turmeric, Pepper, Cardamom, Capers, Indian Bay Leaf, Cumin seeds, Holy Basil and Star Anise.

We know that India is a vast, varied and complex market. It can be difficult for foreign companies to evaluate their decision about coming to India. If you are one of them, you can anytime reach out to us we will share our experience and offer you critical insights in the form of a customized presentation, so that you have sufficient knowledge to make the decision.