Business In India

Before entering India, you need an understanding on what can happen in 1 year of your market entry into India. We provide an assessment of the Indian market, based on your product profile, that helps you to take an informed decision. We provide a complete, in-depth market report that outlines opportunities, market size and players, market trends, key growth drivers, the regulatory environment, compliances, entry barriers, sales and distribution channels, gap analysis and models to set up a commercial presence.

Entry Scan

In one of the fastest growing economies worldwide, you need a product specific strategy in order to assess and understand the viability of entering Indian market. Our deep and essential understanding of the Indian market and opportunities it has to offer can be your key to be successful in Indian Market.

Sales Scan

We take you deep into markets of India, to understand market dynamics, current and anticipated market competition, and market potential. Our final report includes understanding the size of the market, how the market is segmented, the key players and their market shares, the regulatory environment, compliances, entry barriers, key growth drivers, market trends, sales and distribution channels, gap analysis and models, pricing

Opportunities Scan

The above two Reports will help you understand the gaps and entry barriers in Indian Market. The final part of our report will include following components.

  1. Generating previous sales reports from the market

  2. Competitive sales analysis

  3. Planning first quarter sales

  1. Supple chain requirements

  2. Acquisition and retention of Sales Partners

  1. Selection of specific cities based on product profile

  2. Selection of specific outlets within these cities

  3. Survey customers based on pre-decided questionnaire

  4. Consolidate requirements, analyse and generate report

  1. What kind of Marketing?

  2. Digital or Go to Store?

  3. Options available?

  4. Resources required and TOT?

  1. Talent Acquisition and retention
  2. Training and development
  3. Performance management
  4. Benefits and compensation
  1. Competitor SWOT analysis
  1. Food Safety Authority (FSSAI) requirements and approvals

  2. Weights and Measurements Approvals

    1. Based on above, costs involved

    2. Capital requirements

    3. Price List for all the Products

    4. Risk Analysis



Extensive Opportunities Analysis and research